Thursday, November 19, 2009


So glad that I am in the mood to shop!!!! I've already started my Christmas shopping!!! Yay for me!!! Maybe I will put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving as well. I am working Saturday I have already been told! Boo! But the good thing is I work Monday next week then I don't have to come back until the Monday after Thanksgiving!!!! How cool is that!?! I should be able to get lots accomplished, I hope!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Toys!!!!

I decided to buy myself a portable hard drive this weekend. It is a 640gb and it is a pretty maroon color. I also have bought an update for my wireless router. Keep in mind, I have not opened either one. haha!! Hoping to maybe do that this weekend if I'm lucky enough to be off again.
I also got a program for my Blackberry called Tetherberry, so that I can use my phone as a modem in places with no wi-fi. I took it to my parents with my laptop, and waaaalaaaaa!!!! It works!!! Awesome!!!
Yes, I love gadgets!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have come to the conclussion as of late, that my life is a rather boring mess, that happens over and over every day! Haha! Who would have thought I would be so content with the boredom of everyday living!
Still yet again not much to report other than to say that the dogs have been having a few sick days. At least Chloe and Scooter have. Scooter has basically not wanted to eat anything for about 3 days now, so this morning I asked LB to look inside his mouth. He has a bleeding tooth!!!! Probably a good reason for not wanting to chew. Tomorrow he goes to see the vet! Hurray!! Hopefully they can do something. I gave him a pain pill, hoping that will allow him some eating time. He's been growling LB said at the others when they eat, no wonder I would be too if I was hungry! LOL!
It it looking really strongly like I won't have to work this weekend, yipee for that one! I might be able to finally find the energy to give the dogs a bath. That and some housework anyway are my main 2 focuses for the weekend.
The leaves were attacked with the lawn mower again today. Each time he goes out there and chops them up I think it'll be the last time, so far I've been wrong every time.
To answer your question Di, we have decided to not put Jonathan through college. Aside from the expense it would be, I really think it would be alot on him. He struggled so much just in regular school with the modifications that they provided, and college was not going to do much except for provide a tutor and some extra time. Maybe in a few more years just not sure yet, but I don't want to pursue it just yet. Hoping very strongly though that he can find a part time job :O)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today is Tuesday!

Nothing much going on, but havent' been on in a few days, and I do like to blog when I think of it. I'll never be as good as Chloe but I try.
So, I did work the weekend. Sunday was LB's 68th bday so he came down at my lunch time and we went to AppleBee's for dinner. Other than that all he wanted was a card.
Monday was a pretty uneventful day as well, just work and Facebook mainly.
I've got to come up with something to occupy Jonathan's time. I'm thinking I'll take him out to the grocery stores and see if he can get a job. He really wanted to work at the local cinema but I don't think they are going to call.
It's been rather nice here which is weird since it is now November and should be pretty cold by now. I love having the fire going on a cold night, but hey I've been at work alot lately so maybe when I'm off I'll enjoy the fire.
Today is Tuesday and it was quite the same as yesterday. I slept late today which is always great in my book.
I'm really starting to think about Christmas already, and this usually doesn't happen until after Thanksgiving. I will put the tree up the day after most likely and I've already started my shopping. Wow, I'm on the ball this year!
That's about it for now.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looks like another working weekend

Found out today that Saturday is for sure a day of work, and most likely Sunday as well. It was really nice to have last weekend off, but on the positive side with Christmas coming up, it won't hurt to be working.
I did a few things this morning before coming to work. Nothing worth mentioning other than FaceBook stuff and house stuff.
One day just changes into another, and we repeat.
Maybe something good like hitting the lottery will happen? Wouldn't that be a blast. Hey, we can dream. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh the shame of it all!

The biggest confession I have to make is the fact that during the entire weekend off, I did NOT give even 1 dog a bath!!!! Shame on me, that was number one on my list! Well, maybe I will get lucky enough to have another weekend off, not holding my breath but if I do, I promise, at least 3 of these dirtballs will get clean! :)

I think I have pretty much adjusted to the time change. I don't like the getting dark earlier part, but oh well such is life!

I got up and went to vote today, then took Jonathan to the store to get a Christmas gift for his Papaw.

After I got back I got on FaceBook to play my games but ran out of time and didn't get all finished. Now I'm at work wondering what has gone to waste.

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