Friday, December 18, 2009

It's the Weekend!!!!

I'm so excited. Just to be off for two days will be nice. Then I come back for 3 days and off for a whole 11 days. I'm practically jumping for joy here!!!! Yipee!!! I can finish up my last minute gifts and be done. I will have lots of time to play with the little furry kids as well.
Weather man says we may get some of the white stuff tonight. I hope so.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Long Awaited Break

It is almost here!!! I can hardly wait!!!! After this week, I just have to work 3 days next week then I will be off for 11 whole days!!!! I can do housework, play with my furry babies, and maybe play with the "toys" I get for Christmas!!!
We decided not to do outside lights this year :( It's a bit drab without them, but I didn't want the hubby out there in the cold doing that with not having alot of feeling in the one leg and foot. Instead he's been my wrapper!!! I love it, he knows how much I dread and truly hate wrapping gifts so he has done them all for me this year!!!! Gotta love that!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where did it go?

The time that is, where did it go. I was just talking about being off of work for awhile and now that time has come and gone, and I don't think I got to enjoy myself as much as I wanted to. I did have a wonderful time off but it's just never long enough.
I didn't get even half of the things I had intended to do completed, but that is ok I'll get to it one day.
Jonathan and I went to see New Moon which I thought was really great!!! I really enjoyed the wolves.
We also put the Christmas Tree up and its all decorated and even has some gifts under it.
My hubby let me order my gift and then he surprised me with one, but I didn't know it and had went out and bought the same thing. :( Oh well, great minds and all I suppose.
Now, its back to work because I for sure owe and owe and owe.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So glad that I am in the mood to shop!!!! I've already started my Christmas shopping!!! Yay for me!!! Maybe I will put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving as well. I am working Saturday I have already been told! Boo! But the good thing is I work Monday next week then I don't have to come back until the Monday after Thanksgiving!!!! How cool is that!?! I should be able to get lots accomplished, I hope!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Toys!!!!

I decided to buy myself a portable hard drive this weekend. It is a 640gb and it is a pretty maroon color. I also have bought an update for my wireless router. Keep in mind, I have not opened either one. haha!! Hoping to maybe do that this weekend if I'm lucky enough to be off again.
I also got a program for my Blackberry called Tetherberry, so that I can use my phone as a modem in places with no wi-fi. I took it to my parents with my laptop, and waaaalaaaaa!!!! It works!!! Awesome!!!
Yes, I love gadgets!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have come to the conclussion as of late, that my life is a rather boring mess, that happens over and over every day! Haha! Who would have thought I would be so content with the boredom of everyday living!
Still yet again not much to report other than to say that the dogs have been having a few sick days. At least Chloe and Scooter have. Scooter has basically not wanted to eat anything for about 3 days now, so this morning I asked LB to look inside his mouth. He has a bleeding tooth!!!! Probably a good reason for not wanting to chew. Tomorrow he goes to see the vet! Hurray!! Hopefully they can do something. I gave him a pain pill, hoping that will allow him some eating time. He's been growling LB said at the others when they eat, no wonder I would be too if I was hungry! LOL!
It it looking really strongly like I won't have to work this weekend, yipee for that one! I might be able to finally find the energy to give the dogs a bath. That and some housework anyway are my main 2 focuses for the weekend.
The leaves were attacked with the lawn mower again today. Each time he goes out there and chops them up I think it'll be the last time, so far I've been wrong every time.
To answer your question Di, we have decided to not put Jonathan through college. Aside from the expense it would be, I really think it would be alot on him. He struggled so much just in regular school with the modifications that they provided, and college was not going to do much except for provide a tutor and some extra time. Maybe in a few more years just not sure yet, but I don't want to pursue it just yet. Hoping very strongly though that he can find a part time job :O)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today is Tuesday!

Nothing much going on, but havent' been on in a few days, and I do like to blog when I think of it. I'll never be as good as Chloe but I try.
So, I did work the weekend. Sunday was LB's 68th bday so he came down at my lunch time and we went to AppleBee's for dinner. Other than that all he wanted was a card.
Monday was a pretty uneventful day as well, just work and Facebook mainly.
I've got to come up with something to occupy Jonathan's time. I'm thinking I'll take him out to the grocery stores and see if he can get a job. He really wanted to work at the local cinema but I don't think they are going to call.
It's been rather nice here which is weird since it is now November and should be pretty cold by now. I love having the fire going on a cold night, but hey I've been at work alot lately so maybe when I'm off I'll enjoy the fire.
Today is Tuesday and it was quite the same as yesterday. I slept late today which is always great in my book.
I'm really starting to think about Christmas already, and this usually doesn't happen until after Thanksgiving. I will put the tree up the day after most likely and I've already started my shopping. Wow, I'm on the ball this year!
That's about it for now.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looks like another working weekend

Found out today that Saturday is for sure a day of work, and most likely Sunday as well. It was really nice to have last weekend off, but on the positive side with Christmas coming up, it won't hurt to be working.
I did a few things this morning before coming to work. Nothing worth mentioning other than FaceBook stuff and house stuff.
One day just changes into another, and we repeat.
Maybe something good like hitting the lottery will happen? Wouldn't that be a blast. Hey, we can dream. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh the shame of it all!

The biggest confession I have to make is the fact that during the entire weekend off, I did NOT give even 1 dog a bath!!!! Shame on me, that was number one on my list! Well, maybe I will get lucky enough to have another weekend off, not holding my breath but if I do, I promise, at least 3 of these dirtballs will get clean! :)

I think I have pretty much adjusted to the time change. I don't like the getting dark earlier part, but oh well such is life!

I got up and went to vote today, then took Jonathan to the store to get a Christmas gift for his Papaw.

After I got back I got on FaceBook to play my games but ran out of time and didn't get all finished. Now I'm at work wondering what has gone to waste.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Whole Weekend?

I've been told I'm going to have the ENTIRE weekend off from work!!! I can not wait! What will I do first? I know I must not sleep all day! but hey even if I did I'd still have another whole day left.
Must make a list of things to get done.
1. Give dogs a bath!
2. Rest
3. More rest
Hmmm.....will add more later.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Went to get meds today!

So, I have this battle going on right now with some acid reflux. I went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription. Been taking them every morning, and no sore throat and no heartburn in the night. I ran out of medicine and put off going to get the refill. Last night I was sooooo miserable, it was so bad and I couldn't lay down for sooooo long. It was almost 4 oclock and after taking everything I could for heartburn later that I was finally able to drift off.
Needless to say, the pharmacy seen me today and that pill was popped right away.
Hoping tonight is much better.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday and back to work

Guess I shouldn't say that when I worked yesterday as well. I did have a nice day off on Saturday though and spent it at home with my gang. It was also big boy's 3rd birthday! Wow time flies. He stayed outside some but was inside with the rest of them quite a bit as it was pretty cold. We kept a fire going and it was nice and comfy inside.
Jonathan went to the church for some teen special event. The next thing I know he's calling asking if he can go to King's Island to the Haunted house thing there with all the others. Needless to say he didn't arrive home until about 2:30am. He had to wake me up with the phone which I had put on vibrate or all chaos would have happened if he had called or rang the bell. He wasn't planning to go anywhere else so he didn't have his key.
Sunday I came to work, and that was about the weekend in a nutshell.
Hope everyone else had a nice one.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A day off, I hope I don't sleep it away!

Tomorrow I get another day off, yahooo!!!!! I just hope I'm not too tired to enjoy it. I'd really like to take one or two of the dogs up to the park and walk around the pond, but I don't know if it will rain all day. Mostly I'm just hoping that I am not too tired and sleep the day away. I have to come in on Sunday to work.
I didn't do much of anything the last few days. Seems my life is a bit boring at the moment. All I do is sleep, eat, and work, and then start all over again. Gotta be something out there better!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last Cut for the grass

Well, today was the last cut for the yard this season. Until next spring the lawn mower has been cleaned and stored away. Yay!!!!

In other news I got up early this morning, well, early for me it was about 9:15am. I had to go get my hair cut today. Thank goodness it was really getting out there. I got it colored and my eyebrows done as well. Love to have someone wash my hair, that's got to be the best part of going to get your hair done for me. I did get rather sleepy under the dryer though while waiting for the color to do its thing.
That is about to report for today, nothing much else to say, so maybe tomorrow will be more eventful.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hair Cut Tomorrow!

I finally had a day off from the J-O-B! Sunday was spent doing absolutely nothing!!! I slept in to begin with then slept off and on all day on the couch. When I wasn't asleep I was playing on FaceBook. Man, I enjoyed the rest!!!!! LB watched football all day, pretty much a given on Sundays, and the dogs and I just relaxed. We had pizza for dinner, another great thing for the day!
The only bad thing that happened was the dog next door came wandering over and Cojak ended up getting a hold of it. I don't want him to kill it or hurt it bad, but I would like for him to get through to the dog that it is not welcome over here. Its the same dog that attacked Tink last week. Hubby is getting pretty upset over the whole ordeal.
He(LB) went to the kidney doctor today to have the tubes taken out that they put in for the surgery last month. He said it was not very comfy to have them taken out, but he made it through it.
Jonathan has done not much of anything other than his chores and playing on the computer as well as watching some tv shows. I know he has to be bored to death sometimes, but for the most part keeps himself pretty much entertained.
Other than that life is good, and I'm going to work to make some more money!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Already!?!

Well, it has been almost a week in between my now and my last blog, but I think I'm getting a bit better. Perhaps I will keep improving each week. :)
Not alot going on to report though, hmm, maybe that is why I haven't remembered to get on here. Seems these days all I'm doing is working, sleeping, eating, etc. We've been working 7 days a week here for the past two weeks, and I must say, I'm ready for about a month off. LOL!
LB has been to several doctors this week and everyone says he is healing nicely. He's already out doing things, so I just let him, otherwise it'll drive him crazy not to.
Other than watching a bit of tv and playing my games that I have become soooo addicted to on FaceBook, not alot of anything else going on.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Not good about this blogging

I must make improvements on my blog! To actually do so more often would be a big positive in itself. Regardless of if anyone reads it or not, just writing down how you are feeling sometimes makes a big difference in itself.
Like for instance today, I'm not having a very good day. Just one of those days, but I'm sure it'll get better hopefully soon. Just wanted to put my feelings down so I can look back at them if I ever want to.
Alot of things have been going on around here lately. Lots of different feelings, emotions, I know I can't write everything down, but just hope life in general improves here soon.
Ok, enough of the moaning about things for today, perhaps I'll remember to write more tomorrow.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm doing better

I not only am feeling better from my sinus infection but I'm better at least this week in posting a blog. This is the second one this week I do believe. I'm on a roll, especially considering there isn't much of anything at all to report.
Work, is still just that. We did meet the new CEO yesterday, he's in the process of moving here to Michigan from Germany. I hope they get this plant up and running at a better speed than what we have been. I hear we are suppose to increase our product dramatically by December so I suppose there is hope yet.
On the homefront. Jonathan has gone over to my dad's the past two days to help him with stacking the wood. LB took the wood splitter over for him to use and I think it is a big time saver for him.
LB went to the doctor today, he thought he had a bladder infection so he got some meds to clear that up.
Jonathan stayed home today, sure he is enjoying his break from the woodpile.
That is about it in a nutshell.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Been Awhile!

I just don't seem to be good with keeping track of myself on paper! I go for days like for instance, I havent been on here since Wednesday almost 2 weeks ago now. Oh well, perhaps I'll improve with time, but don't hold me to it.
So since that post where I said I felt really miserable, that following Sunday was even worse, I had to turn down double time at work, which took everything in me to do, as I could have really used the money.
That Monday I went to the doctor, gotta shot and a zpack along with some cough medicine and by the next day I was about 75% better feeling already.
Work has been just that, and we still don't know anything about what is really going on around here. But we did start doing a CARE for the 2 mode packs I was glad about that. Didn't get offered any o.t. this weekend, over course when I'm back to normal its not to be found.
My husband went to Georgia on Friday to pick up a log splitter he won on an auction on ebay. He seems to really like it. He has finished all of our wood for the moment, and has taken it over to allow my dad to use it for awhile.
I spent most of my weekend in front of the computer which is always something I like to do.
I also learned this weekend that a guy I basically grew up with, James King, died of a massive heart attack at the age of 40 on the 6th of this month. That was a real shock. Hope his family is holding up ok.
Now here it is Monday and all I've done today is a few things around the house like laundry and now I'm at work.
Oh, yeah, my stomach is really really hurting right now and making all kinds of gurgling sounds. Awful! I'm hoping and praying it goes away soon. I think I may be starting to fall apart. LOL!
Hopefully I'll do better this weekend on the blogging, we'll see!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Can I please?

Just roll over and go back to sleep? I have been sick for the past few days now, but today I am just miserable. I slept pretty much all morning until it was time to crawl out of bed and come to work. Only thing is, when I got here, a few people told me I looked really pale. I think its a sinus infection, as I get them pretty regular. First thing Monday I will be phoning the doctor to hopefully get something to make it go away fast!
While at work I received a phone call from my son saying that he had accidently shut Chloe's tail in the door. I wanted to cry for her right then and there. I do hope its ok, am anxious to get home and give her proper cuddles and kisses. He did say she screamed really loud, the poor baby!
Hoping I feel a bit better tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nothing much

To report on that is. The weather has been really humid, and I don't like it at all. I cut the grass the other day, and it was really hot out. I enjoy cutting the grass though. This is my thinking time, or I listen to my audio books, but I have to learn how to do this zero turn around radius thing without spinning my back tire, which the hubby kindly pointed out. It makes a mark in the grass, maybe next time I'll be a pro at it. I have never noticed and of course can't see the tire doing this when I'm riding, but I had him show me, and sure enough that is just what is happening.
My husband and son have been having some issues with life in general in our house. We had a long family discussion this past weekend, and I hope and pray they are both able to "put forth the extra effort" to see eye to eye on these issues. There is nothing worse I don't think than to have problems in the family and have to deal with tension. I don't like it, and its really bothering me, so I have fingers crossed that things will roll smoothly from here on out.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday was my Birthday!

Yes, I'm officially 39 years old now, wow one more year and I'll be 40? I can remember when I was counting down days to turn 18, oh if we could turn back time, how lovely that would be.
I hope to change a few things in my life over this next year, so that going into my forties, I can say that I am truly content in where I am in my life.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hair Cut and Color

Today was the day for a cut and color! 5 weeks and I'm about ready to grab scissors and start whacking it myself. I love the stylist though, so I um...patiently waited and let her do the honors.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend is over

Yep, its back to work I go. The hubby bought a lottery ticket Saturday, but alas, it must have been the wrong one! Darn I hate when that happens.
Let me tell you about my weekend, there is not alot to tell. I think I'm very content just staying at home these days, have I turned into a grown up afterall? Sometimes I wonder.
Saturday, I went to visit a friend. Had a nice visit, but the road trip there was awful. There was construction going on, and a new mall opening in the area, and I hate, and I really mean HATE traffic! But there I sat! For way too long. After I got back home, I knew I wasn't going back out the rest of the day.
The dogs were great this weekend, although I think the heat was a bit much. Most of them pretty much stayed inside most of the day. Cojak seemed to be the only one wanting to brave the heat and lay in the garage for awhile.
Sunday was more of the same heat-wise. I did venture out long enough to find a chocker collar for Cojak, we are going to leave that on at all times in hopes that if the boys go at it again, we have something to grab onto when trying to get them apart.
Other than doing some cleaning in the air conditioned house and playing on the computer that is how I spent my weekend.

Friday, August 7, 2009

He's Back!

Not alot to report again. My life is getting rather boring, I'm thinking perhaps I should do something to liven it up! Stay tuned to see if anything becomes of this thought. Ha!
Anyway, Jonathan got home this morning from his grandparents house. He said he had a really great time, and of course wants to go back. I missed him, but glad he was able to get away for a minute. Now, if one of the job places he's applied for would call. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for that.
Gotta get ready for work.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today is my Son's and my Dad's Birthday

Yes, my son turns 20 years old today! Boy, does that make me feel old! Hope he has a good day, he and my dad try to celebrate their birthday together each year when they can. They were going out for dinner.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

This is now my third and final no matter what attempt to write this update. The other times it keeps saying some kind of error and hit back on server, which I do and it takes the whole thing away! Anyway, I wake up this morning about 6am to lots of thunder, lightning, and huge amounts of rain! Downstairs the pei thinking its time to go out for their morning tee head for the door. I open it, and Chloe makes a mad dash, with Mariah right behind. I do believe Mariah would follow Chloe off of a cliff. They very quickly figure out this is not what they had planned and dove back through the door. None of the others even attempt it. We ended up having to wait over an hour before it slacked up enough that they would brave the elements. Not a fun morning or day for them to say the least.
LB has two doctor appts today, hoping for all good news in those areas.
The power has been out at the house now for awhile, and how I hate that.
Tomorrow is Jonathan and my dad's birthday, and he is still over there so I'll stop by to see them tomorrow before I come to work. Hard to believe my son is turning 20, now if he only acted that age! LOL!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Must Return to Work

I got quite a bit done around the house this weekend. Seems like I'd get more done if I did more through the week. Hehe!
Had a nice relaxing, and cleaning weekend at home.
Jonathan called to report he's having a great time with his grandparents. He and my dad will be having a birthday this week. The 5th is their bday. He's planning to come home on Thursday I think. He's been helping my dad with getting the place ready to lay tile down in their kitchen and dining room.
Now its Monday and I have to return to work. Must make money to pay the bills.
LB has been having a rough time with his leg and foot, I hope it gets better, it really drives him crazy, and of course I feel helpless cause there is nothing that I can do.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Not much to report here in the Caldwell Corner. I did alot of resting, and playing on the computer today. Always a nice thing to do. Jonathan left this afternoon to go spend some of the week with his grandparents. He was really excited about going to stay with them for awhile.
Dogs have all been pretty good today, they too have done alot of laying around. Just one of those days.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost the weekend

By it being Thursday, that means that Friday is almost here, yay! Workweek is almost at an end. Nothing else special to report so thought I'd post a picture of my favorite flower. The cala lily, isn't it pretty. No it is not from my yard, I don't seem to have that green of a thumb, never can get them to grow.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is Tuesday

I'm glad its Tuesday, cause at least one day of the work week is gone, and we are on a roll to the weekend. I took Cojak to the vet this morning, yep the leg was infected just as I expected. He's on meds and has to go back at the end of the week. Is it just me, or does everyone else feel you can't go to the vet without paying at least 100 bucks? Oh well, at least they helped him.
Yesterday was a very uneventful day, nothing major happened. I did get a new baby doll in the mail yesterday but I haven't opened her yet, maybe tomorrow. I'm seriously thinking of selling some, they have taken over my living room. We'll see.
Work, is still just that. Still don't know what the new company is going to do, just wait, and wait, and wait some more.
I started cutting my pills(diet) in half, I slept much better last night. Hope that continues, I hate not getting all my beauty sleep.
Well, its' now time to be off to the j-o-b.
More tomorrow.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

So its now Sunday

As you will read in my baby girls bloggie, today is Chloe's 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday Chloe, I love you soooo very much. You are truly a special girl.
Now onto other weekend activity. Jonathan went to stay with his grandparents for a few nights, which I think is wonderful. He hardly ever goes anywhere so its good for him to get away. He called a bit ago to check in and informed me he and his Papaw are going to be working in the woodpile some today, trying to get their firewood stacked. My dad is soooo patient, I've often said he's got the patience of Job.
I started my diet pills on Friday, we'll see how much weight I'm able to shed in this 3 months that I am on them. Doctor said he would only presribe them this last time hopefully I'll do better this go around. So far so good, with the exception that they don't allow me to sleep very well.
The dogs got their futon put up and it sits in front of the patio door so that they can look out at the world and guard their territory. I think its awesome, and at least 5 can lay on it at a time, 6 if they really all want up there. The hubby doesn't like it, I suppose cause its a form of a bed in our family room. I however think it looks much nicer than blankets and dog beds thrown all over the floor. I suppose we'll see how long it lasts.
Saturday evening was going along really well. I took the furminator outside and brushed Cojak down really well with it, and boy did we get hair. Anyway, at some point I turned around and the hubby was walking into the garage to come in the house. For whatever reason, Cojak and Scooter got into a fight. It all starts so fast that unless you are in between them already there is no stopping it before it gets going. I grabbed Cojak and LB got Scooter, it was a struggle, and some blood shed but we got them apart. They had been getting along so well but something went wrong. I hate when they fight. LB is about done with it I'm afraid. I'm just waiting for him to say Cojak needs to go. I can't give up my baby boy. Hard headed thing he is! It does wear LB out now days to break them up, not only that, he just seems to wear down easily anyday. I worry about him. So then he makes a statement that really hurt me, he said he wished we'd never got any of the dogs! What? How can that be, I love my dogs, and I plan to always have at least 1. Maybe 6 IS a bit much, but they are here now and I wouldnt want it any other way.
Boy, kids and pets I suppose can stress a marriage as anything else can. Hope it gets better.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally Friday!

I love Thursdays cause it means Friday is the next day! Now its Friday! WooHoo! Not alot to talk about at the moment the hubby is fixing the futon to go in front of the patio door so that the pei can lay there and look out the window. We called bulk trash yesterday and they came and picked up the old love seat that they had practically demolished. The futon hopefully will be better.
I started my diet today! We'll see how well I do! Must start walking the dogs at the local park or something. I really need to get more exercise. These days its so much easier to put it on than to get it back off. Wish me luck!
About time to leave for the J-O-B! They sold our company, no idea what that means, but so far it really hasn't affected anything. I'm sure it will eventually. I'm hoping to still have a job, but we'll see.
Tomorrow I plan to put stuff on Ebay to sell, and to do some of the housework that needs to be done. Then it'll be time to give at least 3 pei a bath. Stinky piggies, they need a bath.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rainy Day

Rainy days are always good for sleeping in don't you think? I love to sleep in. I get up with the pei early of the morning, then once the hubby gets up I lay back down, for a few hours of precious sleep! Ahhhhh! I need all the beauty sleep I can get!
The tattoo is still quite sore this morning. Washed it up and lotioned it down, will lotion it again later while I'm at work. I'd really like to do something with a Knights head and some cala lilies on my shoulder blade area in the back. I've always called LB my Knight in shining armor, and I love the cala lily flower. Now just to come up with a design I like, and the will power to set through the pain again. Wonder how bad it'll hurt there? Must find out one day.
Other news is I'm taking Jonathan to drop off a job application at the local movie theatre, he loves movies and would like very much to work there as an usher. Keeping my fingers crossed that he hears something. He really needs a job, maybe that will encourage him to try and get his drivers license as well.
Must get ready for work so once I take him and drop him back off at the house,I can be on my merry way to the work place for another day of excitement. Sarcasm heavily inserted here!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finished Tattoo

Today I went and got my tattoo finished up with the color being added. It looks awesome! It looks so much better in the flesh, but this picture will have to do. This time around it was a bit, no I should say, alot more painful than when I originally got it done. The tattoo guy was over an hour late getting there, but he made up for it by doing such an awesome job. He said it hurt more due to the fact he was using a much smaller needle and the coloring process looked just like that. Like he was coloring in a coloring book, that just happened to my flesh. I made it through though and I'm so proud of myself. It was soo worth the bit of pain I endured to be able to have Chloe with me forever and ever!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sad Saturday carried over to Sunday

Without going into too much detail that I'm sure everyone doesn't want to read, just want to say I had a bad, sad weekend.
Jonathan and LB don't always seem to 'click' and they never will most likely. They get along ok, but it will never be the father/son relationship I always dreamed they would have.
Quite frankly, I think they are so much alike that they clash in some ways. Jonathan is a loner, always has been and probably always will be. He's quite, but he has his talkative moments, usually when I'd rather things be quiet. LOL!
LB has a hard time relating to him. He also doesn't feel that Jonathan does enough to help out, but yet when they try to do something together you can guess what happens. Hubby doesn't feel he's doing it right, or doesn't have the patience, blah blah blah, then he just does it, cause he wants it done a certain way.
Ok, enough of that, it just breaks my heart when they don't get along. Or the fact that I can call and ask one what the other is doing and they have no clue. For pete's sake, you live in the same house, I guess no one lives a fairy tale though huh? Oh well, there will be better days! I hope!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Alot of nothing

Today, not much to say. I slept in this morning, which is always nice. I like that my hubby is a morning kind of guy and I'm a night person, cause I stay up late, and he gets up with the doggies of the morning, and lets me sleep in, wonderful!
Took Dakota to the vet, you can read all about that on Chloe's Blog. Just glad it will heal soon hopefully. She's also moulting, and her coat just looks horrid, looks like she got into it with an army of moths, and they won!
Looking so forward to being off the next two days, I plan on a DQ visit in there somewhere!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This is Thursday, a super day!

Today being Thursday means the end of the week is almost here, yay! Just one more work day after today, then 2 whole days off. Can you tell that I'm really looking forward to it? Not sure why, other than just being at home for a few days.

Today Jonathan is going with his Aunt to see the new Harry Potter movie! He's so excited! We always go see them at the theater. He will probably see it at least twice, cause I have to go see it yet, and he'll probably go with me, he's my movie buddy, as LB usually falls asleep during any movie. LOL!

Well, it's off to work for me. Catch up with you guys again tomorrow.

Not sure about the difference WD, about the lilies, maybe because we live in different climates? I wish the flowers stayed around longer than they do. I have tried numerous times to grow my favorite flower, the cala lily, but I have no luck whatsoever with it, truly saddens me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lily's are leaving

The pretty flowers in my yard are starting to go away, so I thought I better take another picture of one before its too late.
Rain is headed our way, suppose to storm later, I hate storms! We need the rain, just hate the thunder and lightning that goes along with it.
The hubby is out there stacking wood, would have to say he's feeling better. So glad.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I wonder, I wonder.....hmmmm....

I'm feeling a bit anxious about my employment right now. The company I work for has been sold to a joint venture between 2 decent companies. The only problem, and where the worrying comes in at, is the fact that I have no idea if they plan to keep the employees that are already working here or letting us go.
Should find out something in the near future, at least I hope, I can't stand this not knowing what's to happen bit.
Now, as anyone knows is not the prime time to be out there trying to find a job, got my fingers crossed that all works out for the best.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Home and Recouping!

LB is feeling a bit better, but I don't think much just yet. The medicine I'm sure will take a few days to start to kill all the bad stuff. The pain pills are helping so all in all he says he feels a bit better. Now, just to keep him still for a few days!
In other news here, the picture I took of him here is with my new Blackberry Tour! Yeppers, I went and got it just yesterday, I love it so far. It's a bit different from my BB Curve and definitely an upgrade. Kindof like looking at regular tv and thinking hey this is a good picture, then going somewhere and seeing an HD tv, yeah kind of like that! It's awesome!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hubby went to the hospital

Just a quick update on the hubby. We went to the ER this morning, he seemed to be hurting more than he has. The doctor ran a CAT scan and took blood. He said everything showed fine as far as he could see so we are to basically assume it is an infection that continues to rear its ugly head time and time again. The good news was that there was no surgery needed. We received two scripts and instructions to follow up with the family doctor.
Hope he heals soon.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Hubby isn't feeling well

LB seems to be having a time as of late with his legs and his foot. Every since the last surgery his foot and part of his left leg have basically been numb, and he has what the doctor calls Foot Drop. He has been having a really hard time lately with them (being both legs right now) aching and tingling.
He also has been complaining of his side hurting, he had an infection once before in the same area, and I'm afraid it has returned, so it looks like we'll make a trip to the doctor or the ER sometime tomorrow.
He's been trying to ignore the pain but I think it's getting worse, so I'm going to have him seen somewhere tomorrow.
The problem with him is, he won't set still and let something rest and heal properly. The moment he feels, eh,its not so bad, he pops up and does a buttload of work around the house, on his feet all the time and we go through the swelling, tingling, and such all over again.
I don't think it'll ever be "right" again, but I wish it would get better than it is now. It's hard to keep a good man down!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pretty Flower

I took this pretty picture out in my flower bed this past weekend. Thought I'd share it with you, it soooo pretty, don't you think?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday, already!?!

Gosh, my week just seems like it is flying by, with the exception of when I have been trying to fall asleep in the stuffy hot bedroom, with the portable a/c which is doing less than a half-as@ job at cooling me off! The air man came to fix us yesterday, the hubby called and said it was starting to cool off, I said Thank Dog, I hate being hot. About 30 minutes later, he calls back, guess what, it's blowing hot air again. ARGH! NO! How can this be! Air man back again today! As of about an hour ago, it was still working, lets just hope it lasts through the night. The bad news is, he said eventually we will have to replace the unit!?! Shocker there, along with everything else we need to repair and replace! Just hoping perhaps it'll stay afloat through this summer.
In other news, I wasn't on yesterday cause I had to get my hair did! Yeppers, cut and snip and color time! Whew! It feels so much better, don't know how I ever stood it with that long hair I used to have! So, anyway, I got my hair done, rushed home to watch a bit of the Michael Jackson memorial and then it was off to work and I pretty much stayed busy all night! Now I feel like I'm caught up.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wood, wood, and even more wood!

We started getting some wood for the winter in May. This is how we started out.

Next, it started to look like this. Looks like we will stay warm for part of the winter anyway.

Low and behold, here comes more wood. Started having to put it out in the back.

Now,they had to break down and borrow a gas powered splitter. The manual one just wasn't gonna get it with these big pieces.

Well, yesterday, he finally finished up with the last of the splitting. Then this morning, he tells me he's going to go get more! Anyone who gets cold this winter, you know where to come get toasty!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Freedom Day!


Hope all have a safe and happy holiday! Eat, drink and do it all over again!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bye Bye Birdies

The birdies have grown and all flown away now. This was the last one of the bunch.
Fly well birdies.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Long Weekend

After I get off work tonight, I won't have to be back there until Monday at 2:30, can we say yipee? So glad for this long weekend, have many things I'd like to get accomplished, but we'll have to see how it goes. First, is giving the dogs a bath, wait didn't I just say I was off for the weekend, sigh, some work is never done I suppose.
On that note, I think I'll take a nap, got up early with the dogs, and of course they came back in and went to sleep, guess I will too.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Update on the birdies

The baby birds are growing, as you can see. They are filling the nest to its capacity. I honestly don't see how they all stay in that itty bitty nest, but somehow they manage. The mommy comes and delivers food, but I don't think there is any room for her anylonger. It will be interesting to see how much longer before they begin to start flying. Right now they spend alot of time sitting there with their mouths held open.

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael

I was very saddened to hear that such a music icon died yesterday! He was an awesome musician and performer. He will be greatly missed in the music world. My favorite music video of his was "Smooth Criminal" and I loved all his songs mainly equally yet I have a soft spot for "The Way you Make Me Feel". Truly a great loss.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Growing Up!

So hard to believe that my kid is going to be 20 in August! He's enjoying the summer right now, and is getting ready to go to the community college to take a placement test sometime next month. I think we will go out one day next week and see if he can find a part time job.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Birds

We have a birds nest in one of the rose bushes! Not sure what kind of bird it is, it appears to be some sort of finch type bird, as it is very tiny. Anyway, we discovered it awhile back and I've been monitoring the activity as I can.

So, I got to looking when the mommy was gone, and guess what!?! There are babies now! You can't make them out really good in the pictures, they were just little fuzz balls. Its very hard to get a good shot, as the nest is just out of reach without stretching and hoping for a good shot.

I will continue to update as the wee ones grow.
The mommy sets on the nest faithfully. I've only happened upon it a few times without her around.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hummingbirds are Back!

Below is a picture of a hummingbird getting a drink of nectar out of the feeder. Yuck, its gotta be hot! They love it though, and become quite territorial over the feeders. Not much else to talk about today. Staying inside, till I leave for work.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Today I went to see my Dad for Father's Day. This is one of the pictures I put in a card I made for him. This is him holding me when I was a wee one of 1 month.

Here is the other picture that was enclosed in the card. He was very surprised! Wow, just the reaction I was going for! Last night Jonathan, and LB went to mom and dad's church for a Father/Son dinner. Nothing fancy, just a get together, they said they had a good time. I stayed home with the dogs and we chilled in front of the tv and caught up on some old CSI episodes that I hadn't watched.
Jonathan went home with his Papaw and spent the night and I picked him up today when they got back from church.
I fixed LB a nice dinner of salad, steak(left in a bit too long, tougher than I like), bread, and baked potatoes. Yummy! We all ate good.
Of course he and my dad both spent part of their day splitting some of the wood that they have taken to their yards.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Healing Process

Just wanted to update everyone on the tattoo! It is healing up rather nicely. I just have to wash it a few times a day and put non fragrance lotion on it. Can't really tell its there, only if I bump up against something. The dogs have been really good about staying off of it.
The hubby got up this morning with cramps in both legs, and said his tongue was even feeling drawn up. What in the world, but to say the least he said it was about normal by 9am and was out the door to cut wood with my dad before 10am.
It was really hot today, and very humid, I bet a storm is brewing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tattoo is halfway complete

I went and got the tattoo started last night! I was a nervous wreck when I first got there. Didn't know what to expect other than PAIN! Once he started though, I knew I could handle it. It really wasn't that bad, but some spots were a tad more sensitive than others I'll admit. It took close to 2 hours for this much, then I have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to go back and have the color added. That will be a 3 hour session I'm told. My hubby came up to set with me while I was having it done. He's so wonderful, and so supportive. Although he did say at some point he couldn't believe I actually went through with it.
I love it, this was the one thing I knew without a doubt I wanted inked on my body. This is my way of being able to always have Chloe with me!
Now, I must do a bit of housework before I go to work, I will get to show everyone my tatt of Chloe. I think the guy did an awesome job so far, I love it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tattoo Update!

So, I went by the tattoo place and scheduled my tatt to be done next Tuesday! Oh my, it's really going to happen. My new friend Winterdark asked me what the deal is with the tattoo. Here's the scoop. Chloe is my heart dog, I have never felt for one or bonded as much with another as I have with her. I know that the way God chose to make my friend she will at some point in time leave me to go to the rainbow bridge and wait on me. Since I cannot convince any vampires to stop over and bite her so she will live forever, this is my next best thing I can do. Having her tattooed on me, is my way of keeping her with me forever and ever.
I must say however, this being my first and most likely my only tattoo I will have done, I am a bit, heck alot nervous about it! Hoping that it does not hurt tooo bad, the tech said it would take 2 sessions of 3 hours each!

Friday, June 12, 2009


So, tomorrow I am off work afterall. I am thinking of going to the tattoo place to inquire about getting the tattoo of Chloe done. I'm pretty sure that this is the picture I will be taking with me to see if it can be used to make the tattoo from. Wish me lots of luck. Since I have zero tatts at the moment, and my tolerance for pain is zilch, I may start with a pawprint first. I want to have this tatt of Chloe done though. I want her to be able to be with me always!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Okay, the other morning I found out one of THE worst ways to be woken up! By a dog who has an upset stomach but doesn't want to wake you up! Scooters digestive system really just needs to be replaced! I don't have any kinder words for it. He eats almost the same thing everday, but every once in a while I think his butt just explodes!
The smell, oh the smell, this is why we need to get rid of the carpet in our bedroom!
There are really no words to quite describe the sh#T either! My Dog! how can something that small let out something that stinks that bad!
Then to beat all, this is 5 something in the morning, I take everyone down, as 3 of our Pei sleep in the bed with us. Scooter might just be on his last leg by the way! They go out, and by the time I start back up the steps, the smell hits me full in the face! Yuck, yuck, yuck! I get back upstairs, all the cleaning supplies in hand, and turn on the light only to discover, my husband is still snoring! WTFreak? How can ANYONE sleep through that!?! So, I begin cleaning, and making all kinds of noise, mind you the bedroom light is on, and what happens, nothing, he slept through the entire event!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hair Color

I had a hair appt. today, and decided to have her add a bit more color to my hair. I think it turned out really nice, I like it alot!

Had to come to work soon after I got out, so I didn't have time to go home and show the hubby. Hope he likes it!

Nothing much to report about today, I was gone most of the morning, and then it was off to work, so I didn't get to see my babies much either. I will have to spend some time with them when I get home tonight.

My dad and husband are still working on wood, over at a neighbors house. They have been cleaning up some fallen trees from this past winter. We have lots and lots of wood to burn this winter. I am soooo hoping to get a wood burning insert for our fireplace, so we can heat the house some.

Hope there will be more to report tomorrow. Some days are just Bleh!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

All The Gang In One Picture

From left to right here is the run down of The Gang.
1. Cojak his is a blue, who will be 3 in October.
2. Mariah she is a blue who will be 2 in December.
3. Chloe is an Isabella w/blue mask, 3 in July.
4. Dakota she is a Lilac will be 2 in December.
5. Tink, she is an Isabella w/ blue mask. 2 in Dec.
6. Scooter, he is an Isabella w/blue mask. 3 in June.
Cojak and Chloe are the parents to Mariah, Dakota and Tink. They are my pride and joy! They are also alot of work, to which I give alot of credit to helping with them to my son but mostly my hubby. He is the main care giver when I go to work. He is great with them, although I'm sure they get under his skin some days.
I don't ever plan to be without at least one Pei in my life. My Chloe Belle is my heart dog!

Friday, May 29, 2009

New Followers!

Wow, wow, wow, I got on here today, to find that more people are following us! I'll have to really get with the program and start leaving more interesting stories now! I'm so glad!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Off to work I go!

I had to come back to work today! BOOOOOO!!!! I really so wish I could be a stay at home person. I love my house, I love my family, including my 6 delightful Pei, if I could just stop spending money, I'm sure I could manage staying home all the time. to make that happen? I give up, so it's off to work I go each day. I am glad I have a job, just wish I didn't need one.

Jonathan and I went down to Sinclair college, here in Dayton today and got to talk with a counsellor for people going to school with learning disabilities. We have to wait and see if the testing he has had done will be enough, or if he will have to have more done. After that is determined he will have to take a placement test, and hopefully get enrolled for the fall quarter.

He has been enjoying his new laptop. He gets on it alot each day, but I want him to realize he needs to stay on top of his chores as well. We are also going to start working on his driving skills hopefully sometime soon. I'd like to know he can drive if he needs to.

The dogs are doing well. Tink seems to be shaking her head alot, think I'll have to give her a good ear cleaning soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Final Gift for the Graduate

Tonight, we took Jonathan out to eat for his last gift from us for graduation. He chose to go to TGIF and we had a good time. I will state though, the entire time we were gone, my thoughts were wandering to the dogs, and wondering if they were tearing anything up, were they fighting, or were they just asleep and resting?
Once we got home, I went around to the front door and let the big guy(Cojak) out, he stays in the front part of the house while we are away. LB went through the garage and let the rest of the gang out. Once they calmed down, I was dirty, but it was nice to get out for a bit. It's not something we do as a family very often, as someone usually stays home with the dogs. So, Jonathan goes in the morning to see a counsellor to find out what he can take in the fall for college courses.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

We didn't do alot for the holiday. Yesterday, LB and his siter went out to decorate their family graves. I used to go with him to do it, but his sister moved back to town a few years ago, so I let them have this memory time together every year. Has to make it more special when a family member is there with you, I think anyway.

Today, I took Jonathan to get his graduation gift from us. Well, it didn't really start out that way, but it all worked out. We went by Best Buy on the way to the mall, and he seen the laptop he was wanting. He is so happy with his new computer, he stayed on it all night, well, after he wrote out and addressed all of his Thank you notes for people who sent him money for his graduation.

He did get to spend some of his money on the laptop as well as getting some new clothes, so he did good with the spending.

We were going to grill out, but decided to just cook some hot dogs and hamburgers in the house and call it a day. We are pretty laid back these days, all in all it was a nice and relaxing day.

LB split wood I think just about the entire time we were out shopping. I always worry about him, but he seems to be doing pretty good with his back and leg/foot problems these days. I notice though that he does seem to tire out alot quicker, I try to make him take it easy a bit, but boys will be boys!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Graduation Day!

May 22, 2009 The day my son graduated from high school! Yipeeee!
I am so proud of him, he behaved himself like a gentleman, I was afraid I'd cry but I didn't. It was a rowdy ceremony, but I guess the kids were happy to be done. He has an appt. for next Wed at the local community college here in town with a counsellor. Hopefully we will get him enrolled in something for the fall. He received quite a few cards, as well as money, which he really seemed excited about.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jonathan went to his Baccalaureate

Tonight was Jonathan's Baccalaureate for his class at a local church. He and his dad went to it, and he said he was glad that he went. He said the minister told them not to concentrate on the past but to be concerned only with the future. He really seemed to have enjoyed the message.
I stayed home tonight with the doggies, so that we aren't leaving them two days in a row for awhile. I really wasn't even planning to have Jonathan go, but LB said it was part of their graduation ceremony, and he thought he should go, I'm glad he suggested it, and that they went.
One more day, this time tomorrow he'll have the diploma in hand and be feeling pretty good about the accomplishment.
He's been getting some cards in the mail from friends and family, and even some money which he is really into. He's putting it all up and writing on the back of his cards so he can send out thank you notes. Thought that was good on his part.

Chloe On Patrol

Today, it was a really pretty day out! I believe it is getting a bit on the warm side though, as they didn't all feel the need to stay outside all day. Especially Mariah and Chloe they would rather stay inside with me and watch what is going on outside. Chloe is on her throne! This is where she loves to set and patrol the neighborhood for any moving objects.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boy that's a Big Picture!

I didn't know it would be soooo big! Anyway, this is a pix of my hubby, whom I love so very much. We have been married now for 8 years. As in all marriages, we have had the good and the bad, but I wouldn't trade him or the marriage for anything in the world!
He's my Knight in shining armor! That's what I've called him since the beginning. We spend alot of time together when we can. Easier now, because he is retired. He probably spends more time with the dogs than what he would like, but he is a great househusband!
Trying to think of something special to do for him on Father's Day this year!
Anyway, just wanted to share him with everyone on here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Outside almost all day

Not too much to report here. Today was Jonathan's official first day out of school! He got up, ate, and walked over to where his Dad and Papaw were cutting wood. Helped out there and then came home. The dogs stayed outside all morning, with the exception of my shadow, Mariah. She doesn't stay out too long if I'm inside. Chloe and Tink took breaks and came inside, but the other 3 stayed out the entire time. They love laying out there in the sun right now. The weather was really nice, cool, but sunny. I dread summer, I don't like the heat as much as I used to.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scratching in the Night

I get home night before last and let the dogs out as I usually do. Hubby went up to bed with Scooter in tow, and I stayed downstairs with the others as our usual ritual to let them settle down long enough to start drifting off to sleep but hopefully not long enough for Cojak to fall into full slumber. He's a bear to wake up just to go upstairs, seems like it takes me 5min or more just to get him to wake up. Some guard dog!
Anyway, once upstairs, I shower, and give the 3 that sleeps with us their nightly snack, and lay back to begin watching a bit of tv. Turn the baby monitor for the downstairs on to listen and make sure all is peaceful. SCRATCH, feet running, SCRATCH, SCRATCH, more feet. I get up and go down to see what is going on. There is styrofoam all over the floor in the family room. Some one had gotten one of the kitchen chair pads and properly destroyed it. That's the third one now, by the way. So I pick up all the pieces, meanwhile just fussing at all 3 of the ones downstairs. Bad dog, I say, you shouldn't do that. Just scolding away. I throw the stuff away, come out of the laundry room, 2 of the 3 are gone, and Dakota is slinking around with her tail tucked between her legs, head held down. The other three went and hid under things, and wouldn't come out! Now I feel bad, cause I scolded them. Sheesh, to look at them you would have thought I beat them, they just have a way of pulling at your heart huh? So, naturally I apologized, started talking baby talk to them, and all was right with the world.
Told them to go to Nighty-nite, back upstairs to bed I went, no more problems.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Last Week of School

We are on the last leg now! This is Jonathan's last week in school! He'll be out for a week and graduate on the 22nd of May. I will be so glad, now hopefully he can find a part time or full time job this summer. Keeping my fingers crossed for that too. He wrote out his announcements this weekend so they will go out tomorrow. He still hasn't tried on his cap and gown, but I figure we still have a bit of time for that. Wonder will I cry! Of course I will, better remember the tissues and make sure LB has the camera in his hands.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dog Fight

Cojak got jealous of the others getting attention from LB the other morning, and poor Scooter got a gash on the top of his head. LB said it was a bit rough to get them apart, and for whatever reason Cojak also grabbed Tink by the jaw. I had just gone up to catch afew zzzzs that morning and came down to help clean up the blood. We put peroxide on everyone and now all seems fine. Of course later when I did lay down, I dreamed of none other than a dogfight. ARGH! Silly dogs, I hate when they fight, although I should mention Scooter and Cojak havent' been at it since around October so that is pretty good.
Later when I got up, Cojak is licking on Scooters head, as if to say, "Im sorry", goofy dogs!

Announcements Ordered

So, this past Sunday, I ordered Jonathan's graduation announcements. I think they should arrive by next weekend hopefully. I told him it is his job to write out the address' to those he's sending them to. Gosh, I still can't quite get my mind wrapped around the fact that he is graduating! I'm sure I'll cry, so I better have LB hold the camera so we get a nice picture!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I just verified my phone to be able to send a post to the blog. Probably post more often now.

Down Day

I had to work yesterday, which was the first Saturday to work this year. A bit strange to say the least, but I'm glad, I can use the money.
Dogs are all doing good, in fact they are due for a bath, but I think I'm gonna take the day to rest and have some down time. I am learning to play a new game, EQ2 and may get on for a bit later.
I put a crockpot of potato soup on earlier, so as soon as its done, we are going to eat it with some french loaves.
The weather has been anything but consistent here. Today its a bit overcast but the good news is I believe its only in the 60's which is nice. I can't stand when its hot in the house anymore.
Jonathan is getting closer to graduation. It will be May 22nd, can't believe my baby is graduating.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dakotas Visit to the Vet

I took Dakota to the vet this morning, as I've been seeing some seepage from her left ear, and she is slinging her head like crazy. They said its a bacterial infection and she's on drops and an antibiotic to clear it up. She is allergic to the grass, and such, a dog? Talk about high maintenance. Anyway, thankfully its been awhile since any have had to go in to be looked at, now I just need to get their vaccinations ordered so the hubby can administer them.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dog Fight!

Had to tell about my two girls getting into a fight today, and my hubby ended up having to break them up by himself. He was outside splitting wood, when Tink and Dakota ended up getting into a fight maybe over a piece of wood. Anyway, by the time I heard him yell and got out there, he had already broken them up. Dakota got quite a few marks and blood on her, so I brought her in and cleaned her first. This is when I also realized that she has an ear infection, and apparently has had it awhile, cause it seems pretty bad. My guess is Tink bit around there and really got her fired up cause of the pain. It was a mess all the way around, and LB was completely drained after going through all that. He had to go up and lay down for awhile. Poor hubby, I worry about him, he's all I have, and don't want anything to happen to him.
Needless to say, after he rested for awhile, he went right back out there and finished his wood splitting. The dogs seem fine now, but we certainly hate it when they fight.
4 of the dogs got a bath today, with Jonathan helping me, maybe I will give the other 2 a bath tomorrow.

Prom Night

Well, Jonathan went to the prom tonight, but it didn't last long. He and his friend had a not so good conversation shortly upon arrival and he was ready to come home. Oh well, at least he experienced it for about an hour.

The one female was the only person there that he said he really knew, so he didn't want to stay.

He still looked very nice, of course I am somewhat partial. ;o)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jonathan In Columbus

His class went to Columbus to participate in some student award banquet. He will be back tomorrow, but was very excited about going and text me to let me know that they got there safely.
He called a bit ago to say he was dressed and ready to go, hope they remember to take some pictures, if so I'll post some when he gets back. They are spending the night there and then coming home tomorrow around 7pm.
His dad went to the school and picked up his cap and gown today, to which he wanted to know if it was blue or yellow. Blue with a yellow tassel.
The weather was at least sunny today and LB cut the grass again. Said he's going to have to roll the back yard again, its pretty bumpy. The dogs stayed outside alot today. Love laying out there soaking up the sun.
I got a new baby doll to go with my collection, isn't she a cutie!?! I had her named Chloe Belle after my dog, I know, I know, but I love my Chloe. I think she is so pretty.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The past two days now, have just been rainy, cool and blah! The dogs seem to know its not outside weather and have been cooperative in laying around and playing inside. When they get the zoomies though,lookout and you better get out of the way! They go out do their business and get right back in the house, for the most part. All 24 paws get wiped and that takes a bit! Hopefully the weather will improve in the next day or so!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Day of the Suit!

Well, today we find out how well the suit alterations were done. We also have to pick out a shirt and tie, oh my!
This week, Jonathan and his class are going on two field trips, the one being that they are going to 'learn' how to ride the RTA bus, something I myself have never done, they are going to explore downtown and eat at the Spaghetti Warehouse. That is one day, then on Wednesday I believe it is, they are going to Columbus to spend the night and attend some kind of an award ceremony for a project they did earlier in the year. That should be very memorable for them.
This coming week is also the Prom! He will have a very busy schedule all week long it seems.
Last night we decided to have a family movie night to watch Marley and Me, needless to say, it wasn't half as good as the book. I couldn't watch the whole thing though. I knew I would cry and so I got up and decided to give the dogs their nightly treat of sardines, during the sad part. Perhaps one day I will watch it by myself so that I'll be able to cry without feeling like I'm being watched. :o) Jonathan cried! That didn't really surprise me, he is a very emotional kid when it comes to sad things like that.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quiet Time at Home

I didn't do much of anything today. Didn't go anywhere, didn't even get around to giving the 3 big dogs a bath. I had a bad headache when I got up this morning, and just felt kind of "off" all day.
Not much of anything to report. The dogs spent alot of time outside today, as it was nice earlier, but later in the evening it rained, then no one wanted to go out.
My hubby went to the grocery store for me to get a few things. We had meatloaf for dinner, and spent alot of time on the computer today. That is about it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We found a Suit!

In addition to my suit update, I thought I should post a pix of my Passion. She was the first Shar Pei I had, and passed a year ago, this past Thanksgiving weekend. She had cancer and it took over her poor body like a beast. I will always love and miss you Passion. I wish you were still with us!
Now, for the update of the day! Jonathan and I went to JCPenneys this morning, why didn't I go there to begin with!?! It was a piece of cake, he tried on what he liked, which was a navy pinstripe suit, I think it looks nice, we had the measurements done, paid, left and are scheduled to pick it up next Saturday, ready to be worn! Wow!
He was quite pleased. He still has to pick out a shirt and tie I figure I'll let him and his dad do that next weekend when they pick up the suit. Now, I just have the announcements, pictures, haircut, does it ever end? I'm so glad he wasn't a girl! I can't even imagine, oh yeah to top all that off, he just informed me his glasses are too lose and the people at Target says they are about to break, so I guess that means new glasses as well! I think I'll be getting his first 500 paychecks if and when he ever gets job. LOL!
Dogs are all stretched out on the couch asleep, tomorrow I'm planning to give the big one a bath, the pups got theirs last weekend, and I have to get our taxes done. Hope we come out good this year!
So, I heard back from my interview I had a few weeks ago, and they have decided to go with someone with more experience. I'm sure that is what I'm going to keep hearing as far as the cell phone bus goes, but how am I going to have any experience unless someone hires me, Hello?

Friday, April 3, 2009

General Update

so, it's been a few days and thought I'd just put down some thoughts. Work is still going on as of right now, not very busy tonight, as you can see, cause I'm on here! We had another employee leave the company this week, well actually I think his last day is next week, but I think alot of people are starting to search elsewhere. I never heard anything back from my appt I mentioned in an earlier post, which was an interview. Guess I wasn't what they were looking for. Oh well!
Jonathan and I are going to venture out again tomorrow for another day of shopping for a suit. Wish me luck! This time we are going to JC Penneys in hopes that they don't want an arm and a leg for their stuff.
I also have to get on the ball and order his graduation announcements and have his picture taken, all that stuff. His graduation is May 22, which I thought was really odd being on a Friday.
LB went to therapy for his back/hip again today. I think this month he'll be going about 2x a week. They said he's really stiff and needs to work on the exercises they gave him to losen him up some. He cut the grass for the first time yesterday. It was really nice and sunny and today, it's rained and been cold and windy! ARGH! I hate this weather, it really messes with my sinuses, all day today, it's felt like my ears are stopped up and keep popping.
On to the gang, they all seem to be doing pretty good, with the exception of Scooter waking my hubby up yesterday by pooping-----in the bed! I guess he got up there to wake and couldn't hold it any longer. It kind of was for the best, cause it was alot easier to spray it off outside then throw it in the washer, than trying to clean that up out of the carpet!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today, Jonathan and I went out to look for suits for him to wear for the prom and graduation. Man, when did I start disliking to shop so much? Anyway, we didn't have a whole lot of luck. Men's Wearhouse wanted an arm and a leg that I didn't have to donate, so we went to Burlington and found a couple of things he liked, of course nothing came in his size. I told him we'd go out to the other one in town this week sometime and see if they have what he needs. He did however; get a pair of dress shoes for the occassion and a pair of Timberlands.
When we got home we ate, and then gave the 3 puppies a bath, that's always a fun task. They did well today thought, except Tink. She plants herself down on the floor, and its like moving a wall to get her headed towards the tub. We managed to get them done and ears cleaned. I would like to one day get a professional dryer to use on them, if I can catch one at a good price. My hubby had a fire going so they curled up in front of it afterwards and went to sleep.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Weekend is here!

I am so glad to be home for the weekend! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I have a job, just wish I didn't need a job!
Today, Jonathan started his community service at the animal shelter, then he went and helped my dad clean their church for more community service, I think he has enough to turn in for his hours he needed for graduation. I will be so glad when all this is over. Tomorrow we have to go out and look for a suit for the prom. He hasn't gotten a date, but says he is still going to go and I think he should, it'll be something he will remember.
The dogs spent some time outside today, but not alot, it rained alittle off and on. We were going to give the puppies a bath but I decided to just have a leisure day and wait until tomorrow for bath time. Everybody's ears seems to be bothering them alittle. I think it has to do with the change in the weather sometimes. Guess they all need a good cleaning.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Weather Update

Well, the weather in Dayton sucks right now! At least to me it does, one day its nice the next its cold and rainy. My sinuses are driving me nuts, and the headaches oooohhhh the headaches.
So, I went and got my hair done the other day, it's cut just alittle different, and has a streak in it. I like it alot. A lady I work with has a nice hair style all the time so I asked if I could get the name of her stylist, and now that is who I am going to use, she is the bomb! I will post a pix as soon as I take one maybe this weekend.
My husband went for his 2nd therapy session today, he said it went well. I really am hating the fact that we are losing our insurance we had through Delphi. After 40 years of his service and now they are just cutting it off, bah! They could do better, we even lose his life insurance what kind of bull is that! Thank goodness we have insurance coverage through where I work but still.
The dogs are all doing good today. They were tired of being cooped up inside though I think. Today was a cold damp day, which means mud! Hope they don't give him too hard of a time whileI am at work tonight!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nice Weekend

Today, it was really nice outside. I had an appt this morning, but going to keep it under wraps til I find out more about it and if anything becomes of it. If so I will let all know then. Keeping fingers and toes crossed in the meantime.
I took Chloe with me today when I went over to my parents house. It's been ages since she's seen her son Buddy, so I thought it would be nice to take her and see him. He come barrelling out of the doggie door, and she went beserk trying to get to him. We(she running and me on the end of the leash being pulled along) got to the fence, she eyes him, and then to my amazement starts growling at him like she wanted to fight! Crazy dog! Needless to say, we didn't enter the fence, I was afraid something may happen and I didn't want her to put fear in Buddy. They sniffed each other, but most all the time, she would just go still and start growling.
LB was outside alot today. He said his back is somewhat sore. I think some of it has to do with the wood splitting he's been doing. But he says no, Hmmm.....
Jonathan went on visitation with my dad to invite people to church, and then they went and cleaned their church, so he can use this for his community service for school. He is suppose to start working at the dog shelter next Saturday but only for 2 hours, wow, he's gotta hurry up and get this stuff done. May 22nd is going to be here before you know it. We got a letter from the high school(Jefferson) saying that his cap and gown are there, and the date that he is suppose to go pick them up. I also of course got a call from his teacher at school saying he is having trouble staying focused and completing the tasks that are assigned to him at Maria Joseph. I think alot of it has to do with girls on his mind, looks like he'll be doing the prom stag, and the fact that I don't think this is his favorite thing(cleaning) to be doing. He says he'd really like to get into some kind of computer class or drawing, by him being in special ed, he more or less got thrown in this career but I don't see this being something he will want to do for a job on down the line.
The dogs are having their share of allergy problems right now, at least I guess that is what it is. Everyone is waking up in the morning with gunky junk in their eyes, we have started back on antihistimines but so far, I can't tell any difference. Tinks ear has been bothering her today, so we put some cleaning solution in, later I'll try to get some meds put in as well. She is a terror when you try to do anything to her, and if she sees or senses your approach she takes off and hides underneath the kitchen table.
Ok, I guess this is enough for now, later.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm starting to learn how to put some pix on here, look out world, here I come! I think I have at least one pix on here that has all six of the dogs in them.
Mariah seems to be improving slowly but surely. I still kind of fill like I should take her in to have it xrayed though. She has also been rubbing her eyes alot, and I always thought she would be the one that would need them redone. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a bit longer, it could just be the season they all are waking up right now with the gunky green junk in their eyes, allergies I'm assuming. I just started them back on the antihistimine so I'm sure it'll take awhile for it to show any signs of helping them.
Jonathan got his money from his dad tonight so he can buy a ticket tomorrow for the prom! Can't believe it's almost that time already. We have to go out this weekend and look for him a suit, I want him to get a suit instead of renting a tux, he's planning to go by himself. He had asked a few girls but was turned down! Boo! Cause they either have a boyfriend or are getting back with a boyfriend.
I guess this is enough for now. The only other thing to report is the dogs all got their multi, flea/tic and heartguard drops today, no fleas in our house!

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