Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dakotas Visit to the Vet

I took Dakota to the vet this morning, as I've been seeing some seepage from her left ear, and she is slinging her head like crazy. They said its a bacterial infection and she's on drops and an antibiotic to clear it up. She is allergic to the grass, and such, a dog? Talk about high maintenance. Anyway, thankfully its been awhile since any have had to go in to be looked at, now I just need to get their vaccinations ordered so the hubby can administer them.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dog Fight!

Had to tell about my two girls getting into a fight today, and my hubby ended up having to break them up by himself. He was outside splitting wood, when Tink and Dakota ended up getting into a fight maybe over a piece of wood. Anyway, by the time I heard him yell and got out there, he had already broken them up. Dakota got quite a few marks and blood on her, so I brought her in and cleaned her first. This is when I also realized that she has an ear infection, and apparently has had it awhile, cause it seems pretty bad. My guess is Tink bit around there and really got her fired up cause of the pain. It was a mess all the way around, and LB was completely drained after going through all that. He had to go up and lay down for awhile. Poor hubby, I worry about him, he's all I have, and don't want anything to happen to him.
Needless to say, after he rested for awhile, he went right back out there and finished his wood splitting. The dogs seem fine now, but we certainly hate it when they fight.
4 of the dogs got a bath today, with Jonathan helping me, maybe I will give the other 2 a bath tomorrow.

Prom Night

Well, Jonathan went to the prom tonight, but it didn't last long. He and his friend had a not so good conversation shortly upon arrival and he was ready to come home. Oh well, at least he experienced it for about an hour.

The one female was the only person there that he said he really knew, so he didn't want to stay.

He still looked very nice, of course I am somewhat partial. ;o)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jonathan In Columbus

His class went to Columbus to participate in some student award banquet. He will be back tomorrow, but was very excited about going and text me to let me know that they got there safely.
He called a bit ago to say he was dressed and ready to go, hope they remember to take some pictures, if so I'll post some when he gets back. They are spending the night there and then coming home tomorrow around 7pm.
His dad went to the school and picked up his cap and gown today, to which he wanted to know if it was blue or yellow. Blue with a yellow tassel.
The weather was at least sunny today and LB cut the grass again. Said he's going to have to roll the back yard again, its pretty bumpy. The dogs stayed outside alot today. Love laying out there soaking up the sun.
I got a new baby doll to go with my collection, isn't she a cutie!?! I had her named Chloe Belle after my dog, I know, I know, but I love my Chloe. I think she is so pretty.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The past two days now, have just been rainy, cool and blah! The dogs seem to know its not outside weather and have been cooperative in laying around and playing inside. When they get the zoomies though,lookout and you better get out of the way! They go out do their business and get right back in the house, for the most part. All 24 paws get wiped and that takes a bit! Hopefully the weather will improve in the next day or so!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Day of the Suit!

Well, today we find out how well the suit alterations were done. We also have to pick out a shirt and tie, oh my!
This week, Jonathan and his class are going on two field trips, the one being that they are going to 'learn' how to ride the RTA bus, something I myself have never done, they are going to explore downtown and eat at the Spaghetti Warehouse. That is one day, then on Wednesday I believe it is, they are going to Columbus to spend the night and attend some kind of an award ceremony for a project they did earlier in the year. That should be very memorable for them.
This coming week is also the Prom! He will have a very busy schedule all week long it seems.
Last night we decided to have a family movie night to watch Marley and Me, needless to say, it wasn't half as good as the book. I couldn't watch the whole thing though. I knew I would cry and so I got up and decided to give the dogs their nightly treat of sardines, during the sad part. Perhaps one day I will watch it by myself so that I'll be able to cry without feeling like I'm being watched. :o) Jonathan cried! That didn't really surprise me, he is a very emotional kid when it comes to sad things like that.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quiet Time at Home

I didn't do much of anything today. Didn't go anywhere, didn't even get around to giving the 3 big dogs a bath. I had a bad headache when I got up this morning, and just felt kind of "off" all day.
Not much of anything to report. The dogs spent alot of time outside today, as it was nice earlier, but later in the evening it rained, then no one wanted to go out.
My hubby went to the grocery store for me to get a few things. We had meatloaf for dinner, and spent alot of time on the computer today. That is about it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We found a Suit!

In addition to my suit update, I thought I should post a pix of my Passion. She was the first Shar Pei I had, and passed a year ago, this past Thanksgiving weekend. She had cancer and it took over her poor body like a beast. I will always love and miss you Passion. I wish you were still with us!
Now, for the update of the day! Jonathan and I went to JCPenneys this morning, why didn't I go there to begin with!?! It was a piece of cake, he tried on what he liked, which was a navy pinstripe suit, I think it looks nice, we had the measurements done, paid, left and are scheduled to pick it up next Saturday, ready to be worn! Wow!
He was quite pleased. He still has to pick out a shirt and tie I figure I'll let him and his dad do that next weekend when they pick up the suit. Now, I just have the announcements, pictures, haircut, does it ever end? I'm so glad he wasn't a girl! I can't even imagine, oh yeah to top all that off, he just informed me his glasses are too lose and the people at Target says they are about to break, so I guess that means new glasses as well! I think I'll be getting his first 500 paychecks if and when he ever gets job. LOL!
Dogs are all stretched out on the couch asleep, tomorrow I'm planning to give the big one a bath, the pups got theirs last weekend, and I have to get our taxes done. Hope we come out good this year!
So, I heard back from my interview I had a few weeks ago, and they have decided to go with someone with more experience. I'm sure that is what I'm going to keep hearing as far as the cell phone bus goes, but how am I going to have any experience unless someone hires me, Hello?

Friday, April 3, 2009

General Update

so, it's been a few days and thought I'd just put down some thoughts. Work is still going on as of right now, not very busy tonight, as you can see, cause I'm on here! We had another employee leave the company this week, well actually I think his last day is next week, but I think alot of people are starting to search elsewhere. I never heard anything back from my appt I mentioned in an earlier post, which was an interview. Guess I wasn't what they were looking for. Oh well!
Jonathan and I are going to venture out again tomorrow for another day of shopping for a suit. Wish me luck! This time we are going to JC Penneys in hopes that they don't want an arm and a leg for their stuff.
I also have to get on the ball and order his graduation announcements and have his picture taken, all that stuff. His graduation is May 22, which I thought was really odd being on a Friday.
LB went to therapy for his back/hip again today. I think this month he'll be going about 2x a week. They said he's really stiff and needs to work on the exercises they gave him to losen him up some. He cut the grass for the first time yesterday. It was really nice and sunny and today, it's rained and been cold and windy! ARGH! I hate this weather, it really messes with my sinuses, all day today, it's felt like my ears are stopped up and keep popping.
On to the gang, they all seem to be doing pretty good, with the exception of Scooter waking my hubby up yesterday by pooping-----in the bed! I guess he got up there to wake and couldn't hold it any longer. It kind of was for the best, cause it was alot easier to spray it off outside then throw it in the washer, than trying to clean that up out of the carpet!

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