Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh my!!

Hubby came to take me out to eat tonight while I'm at work. We decided on Long Johns. I got popcorn shrimp and fries and of course it comes with hush puppy. I absolutely love the hush puppies!! Sadly though of course on my diet I can't have them. I proceeded to pull all the breading off of my shrimp as well but guess what I did??
I ATE quite a few of my french fries!! I've not had potatoes in over a year now!! I'm paranoid now that it is going to be my down fall!! Please oh please I hope no ill effects come from it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Our 10 year Anniversary

Yesterday was it!!! Wow!!! 10 years!!!! My oh my, where has the time gone??? In so many ways it seems like only yesterday!
I took the day off and we did nothing all day, which was really nice since I still haven't been feeling all that great. Last night we got dressed and went out for dinner. Place here in town that we'd never been to, called The Pine Club. Really nice place and great food!!
We had a lovely time just being together. I imagine I will feel the same way in another 10 years. Love is bliss eh?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to work

So I had a bit of a rough night back to work due to the fact that I couldn't take my pain meds cause they knock me out. My partner at work helped out a lot though which was very kind of him.
Hoping tonight will be better. Woke up this morning feeling really good. Yay!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to work

Went to the doctor yesterday. He days I need to go see another doctor and that I also need to have some more tests ran. Bummer!!
Stayed off work yesterday but going to go back today. Hope not much pain is involved.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Bit Better

Yesterday, I slept most of the day away. Still was in quite a but if dis comfort. Today I woke up feeling a bit better. Hope I can get in to see the doctor this morning.
Nothing much happened yesterday. Jonathan and I started watching the movie  "Life as we Know It" I will have to finish it tonight. Going to try and go to work today. I'm scheduled off this Thursday and Friday for my 10 year anniversary so I only have to make it 3 days.
Hoping I am a-ok by tomorrow.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pain Again

Woke up this morning in about the same amount of pain as I started off with the other day before my trip to the ER. Let's hope that my day doesn't include another trip.
I've let the babies out to run in the yard for a bit. As soon as the hubby comes downstairs I'm going to lay down.
I found this blogging app for my phone and its working pretty great. Already I have managed to blog more than I thought I would. You can post pictures really easy as well. Now the only thing I really need to do is to update my site. Maybe I'll get around to that soon.

Kidney Infection

Well Friday I had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I was at work so it was quite embarrassing ti day the least.
Turns out they tell me I have a kidney infection. Says its in the upper part of my kidney and I understand that is usually more severe. All I know is I hurt really bad and I hope I never go through all that pain again. Just awful!!
My hubby came to the hospital and sat with me until I got released about 5pm. Super glad that I didn't have to stay all night.
They have me some pain pills, anti biotics and I have to go see my family doctor on Monday.
Sure hope this has nothing to do with the Atkins diet that I have been on for almost a year now. Guess I will find or more Monday.

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