Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why oh why!?!

Must I wait until winter has come and gone to get sick?!?! I think its just my sinuses but really not sure. I finally went to the doctor yesterday. I not only got 2 shots, but also an antibiotic, nose spray and eye drops. Hoping in the next day or so I will be back to my usual self. Had to take 2 days off of work, not good for vacation time later in the year.
On the bright side, the sun is shining today and it's nearly 70 degrees outside. All the pei took full advantage and sunned themselves as much as possible.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey I'm getting better

Another weekend has come and gone. Back to work Monday. Did have a rather nice weekend though, that is until Saturday night when I started getting that dreaded scratchy throat that is a tale tale sign for me that my sinuses are messed up. ARGH! I'm going to try and not go to the doctor unless of course it turns into a full blown infection which nearly everytime it does. Sunday I rested the whole day and even got in a nap on the couch which usually means I don't feel well cause I never seem to be able to fall asleep with the tv on otherwise.
Its chilly here again today, I'm ready for warm weather but only if its gonna get warm and stay warm. This back and forth mess is what messes me up.
Well, got to go, more next time maybe.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend News

I am enjoying the day with the dogs. Hubby went to see a high school basketball game. I decided to stay home and enjoy the time on my computer. :)
I'm really trying to not worry about my job situation, cause afterall its not like I can do anything about it anyway. Still its easy to say you aren't going to worry but very hard to do so. I have at least learned from all this how important it is to get my impulsive spending habits under control.

Jonathan and I gave the big boy Cojak a bath today. That was fun, haha, gosh I don't know how much he weighs now, all I do know is it takes the both of us, and he's still very heavy. I only did him today, perhaps we will do another tomorrow.

It's overcast here today, and expecting a shower sometime today or tomorrow. The first day of Spring! Yeah, bring it on, I'm ready for some sunny warm weather.

All the pei are snoozing and I think I'm going to read a book.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I thought of you today

This is my second entry on my own blog in a week, hey I'm doing better this week. :)
Not a whole lot to talk about though. Still a waiting game about my place of employment, I sure hope things pick up soon.

I'm so glad to see some sunshine today. I know my hubby is glad, this is the second day in a row now that he has "rolled" the lawn so that it levels out while its still pretty wet. Next will come the fertilizer, boy where the dogs run, they have worn a path.

I am still doing good on my diet, at least I think I am, I know following this Atkins seems alot better than some of the other diets I have tried. I dont mind if it takes a while to see results, just as long as I see some. I know my body already feels better with stopping the sugar. It's worth it for nothing but that even. I don't seem to have the blood sugar problems at least not right now. I hope with changing my eating habits things will be better in that area. So far I think I've only lost about maybe 5lbs, I started on the 7th of March.

That's about it for me today, catch you next time.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm here for now

So, I don't think I'll ever get around to being a faithful everyday blogger. Sorry, just can't seem to fit it in. Maybe one day though you just never know.

There have been quite a few things going on around here though. Lets see if I can recount a few of them for you.

I think Chloe mentioned in her blog that Cojak and Scooter got into a scuffle that didn't go over really well with the hubby. He's tired of them fighting, but to their credit it HAD been quite some time. I'm just always on edge for a while after to be available whenever I'm at home to be around them. This sometimes doesn't work out because I always seem to "need" to lay back down of the morning once he gets up for the day. My fingers are crossed though that nothing else happens.

One morning a few weeks ago now, he called and woke me up from one of my morning naps, saying he needed me down here. I just knew they had gotten into a fight. I jump up run down here and I see his warm up jacket laying on the floor in the 1/2 bath downstairs. My first thought was he had gotten bitten trying to get them apart. I venture further and discover him sitting there, with what looked like blood all around him. This I soon learned was the case but it was not from one of the dogs. My hubby had gotten sick and brought up all this blood. I call 911, shaking, I told them what was going on and they arrived within about 15 minutes or less. We found out that his acid reflux had messed up his esophagus and 3 nights prior to this he had been sick at his stomach. When this happened he ripped his esophagus and it took a few days for it to come up. Anyway, he had to have some blood given to him where he lost so much, and after a few days in the hospital he was allowed to come home. No surgery!!!! Thank God!!! I just knew it was going to be another surgery and he's been through so much health wise within the last year. Just really glad he's home and seems to be doing fine. He has to take medicine, but it appears to be healing on its on.

My job, there's a touchy subject right now. I'm not sure what is going to happen there, but business hasn't been good for a while now. They let 4 people go about 2 weeks ago, needless to say, I'm very scared that my time to leave is approaching. I really hope not, I hate to have to go out looking for another job, when there just doesn't seem to be much around here anymore. Fingers and paws are all crossed here that business picks up and things work themselves out.

I am now working 4 days a week. 9 hour days. We are doing this I think for about 3 months. This is my first week of doing it, but I must say, it has been really nice being home for 3 days this weekend. Just really weird how in the automotive industry you can go from working 7 days a week for a long time to practically no overtime in the matter of just a little time.

Ok, sounds like I've said enough to keep everyone up on what is going on for now.
Off to play a game with Jonathan.

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